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Volunteering and part-time careers in Pre-Hospital Care

Pre-hospital care has been recognised in the UK as a sub-specialty of emergency medicine and anaesthetics. This means that doctors will be able to enter special training programmes to become specialists in pre-hospital care. There will still be those who do not seek a formal qualification but who wish to volunteer their time and expertise. The British Association for Immediate Care (BASICS) is a registered charity which aims to encourage and aid the formation and extension of Immediate Care Schemes and strengthen and develop co-operation between schemes providing Immediate Care and the statutory emergency services. The organisation relies on volunteer medical professionals and Allied Health Professionals to provide immediate healthcare assistance in support of the emergency services and organises regular training and educational events for those with an interest in pre-hospital care. BASICS opens its membership to doctors, paramedics, nurses and combat medical technicians. For more information click on the logo to the left to visit their website.

Your Local Air Ambulance

For doctors...

Air ambulance services across the UK  have a network of doctors, many of them members of BASICS, who volunteer their time and do shifts on their local air ambulance. Having a doctor on board increases the level of medical intervention that can be performed on scene and complements the skills of regular aircrew paramedics and land-based emergency services personnel. Click on the UK map to the left to find contact details for your local air ambulance and ask them how you can get involved!

For doctors and paramedics...

Many of the air ambulance units in the UK offer interested parties the chance to fly with the regular crew as an observer. These highly-sought-after slots are usually offered to prospective aircrew or to emergency service colleagues who are seeking to gain a greater understanding about the role of the air ambulance in that region. Click on the map to the left to find contact details for your local air ambulance and ask them about their observer policy.

For medical students...

Click here to access the dedicated UK HEMS resource for medical students interested in pre-hospital care.