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Essex and Herts East Anglia

There have been a number of incidents, accidents, and fatal crashes involving air ambulance helicopters and we would like to give HEMS staff on the front line the opportunity to record what they think about the day to day risks of their occupation.

This research is in the form of a survey that will be sent to a number of people who are involved in HEMS work internationally.

It is in no way designed to evaluate operating procedures of individual services, organisations, or operators. There is no intention to identify causes of accidents, attribute blame, or to comment on specific incidents or occurrences outside of any official published investigation. The aim is to describe the personal attitudes and experiences of people who currently work in the industry.

Please complete the survey by clicking here

If you are interrupted during completion, the page will stay live as long as the link is not closed. Replies are confidential and there is no way for any of the researchers to identify respondents or attribute responses to you or your organisation.

Based on feedback from a trial survey, it should take around 20 minutes to complete. The questions are not designed to be analysed for any length of time; there are no ‘correct’ answers. 

We would be extremely grateful for your participation in this research regarding helicopter emergency medical service operations.