Registered Charity No. 1126752

Dedicated helicopter air ambulances have been operational in the United Kingdom since 1987. The next two decades saw a rapid expansion over units throughout the UK with 24 being operational in 2008. Throughout this time there has been much debate regarding the clinical procedures that benefit patients in the pre-hospital environment and the role of paramedics and doctors in pre-hospital care. Initial economic evaluations of helicopter air ambulance were also inconclusive. With this limited recognition for the role of helicopters and medical teams in pre-hospital care few organisations directed much thought to standards of practice, training and other issues of governance aimed specifically at helicopter air ambulances and their crews…and so was born UK HEMS, an organisation, with the sole aim of promoting best practice amongst doctor / paramedic teams on air ambulances.

This was first showcased at AMBEX in 2005 and after several modifications, UK HEMS was formed on 26th July 2007.

The foundation members were:

Essex and Herts Air Ambulance

Great North Air Ambulance Service

Kent Air Ambulance

London HEMS

Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance